farmsoft fresh produce inventory
Increase fresh produce quality control standards for fruit, vegetable, hop, flower packers and processors
Supplier quality management for fresh produce packer, processor, shipper, wholesale/import/export. Track performance of your suppliers over a period of time to get higher quality fresh produce at a good price.

Supplier quality management

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Customer quality feedback management

Simpleor comprehensive supplier quality management using unlimited quality managementprograms, which can be supplier specific, fresh produce type specific, orgeneric for all suppliers.   Each supplier quality program records notes, photos

&more,  linked to


batch,order, pallet,

etc.  Share quality

resultsdirectly from

theapp with your

suppliers.  Instant

alertsif a test fails.

Supplier quality management

Configure any required QC tests for any test  target.  Instant alerts sent to  management if a test fails.  Attach  photos and documents to tests.  Capture  customer complaints & feedback, monitor supplier performance.

Supplier quality management


§  Each test can be configured to send instant alerts to selected staff if a test fails.  Receive full QC report and phytosanitary.  

§  Configure unlimited quality tests for customers, internal QC, and QMS

§  Attach unlimited photos, documents to QC tests

§  Tests can be associated with anything in the business from pallets, delivery, batch, inventory, employee, site,warehouse and more…

§  Test types include pass/fail, score,value range, percentage of sample.

Fresh produce quality control with instant alerts for quality managers & fresh produce buyers

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farmsoft traceability

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