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Increase fresh produce quality control standards for fruit, vegetable, hop, flower packers and processors
Supplier quality management for fresh produce packer, processor, shipper, wholesale/import/export. Track performance of your suppliers over a period of time to get higher quality fresh produce at a good price.

Supplier quality management

Supplier quality management

Simple or comprehensive supplier quality management using unlimited quality managementprograms, which can be supplier specific, fresh produce type specific, orgeneric for all suppliers.   Each supplier quality program records notes, photos

&more,  linked to


batch,order, pallet,

etc.  Share quality

resultsdirectly from

theapp with your

suppliers.  Instant

alertsif a test fails.

Supplier quality management
Supplier quality management

Configure any required QC tests for any test  target.  Instant alerts sent to  management if a test fails.  Attach  photos and documents to tests.  Capture  customer complaints & feedback, monitor supplier performance.

Supplier quality management


§  Each test can be configured to send instant alerts to selected staff if a test fails.  Receive full QC report and phytosanitary.  

§  Configure unlimited quality tests for customers, internal QC, and QMS

§  Attach unlimited photos, documents to QC tests

§  Tests can be associated with anything in the business from pallets, delivery, batch, inventory, employee, site,warehouse and more…

§  Test types include pass/fail, score,value range, percentage of sample.

Fresh produce quality control with instant alerts for quality managers & fresh produce buyers

"Quality management automated from A - Z"

Two Dutch companies, AgriPlace and Kleemans, recently joined forces. They want to offer Kleemans' clients the benefits associated with AgriPlace Chain. With Pro-aQt, Kleemans offer expert quality advice and digital solutions. They can now provide a total supplier management solution. This is thanks to AgriPlace Chain and a digital handbook and registration with Pro-aQt.

AgriPlace Chain
"AgriPlace is growing fast with Agriplace Chain. This is its new platform for the fruit and vegetable sector. This digital platform was developed along with the foremost fruit and vegetable sector quality managers. Companies like the Best Fresh Group, Jaguar Fresh, and Bud Holland have already taken steps like digitizing their chains' compliance data. That helps guarantee their clients have a safe chain," says an AgriPlace spokesperson.

"Clients and certifiers have ever-increasing demands regarding food safety and products' social and sustainable aspects," says AgriPlace's Nico Broersen. "You must ensure quality and that all demands are met. You also have to distinguish yourself. To do so, you must collect more information every year. That of products, producers, and suppliers."

"Suppliers' compliance data is now still updated by hand. This is mostly done by a combination of e-mails, Excel, and SharePoint files. AgriPlace Chain changes this, making it easier to recall, control, and share this information. That saves time and expands the chain's insights. It gives companies a better overview of the quality and social and sustainable aspects of suppliers and products," says the organization's spokesperson.

AgriPlace Chain, for example, automatically retrieves certification, residue analyses, and supplier declarations. It also gives direct insight into each link in the chain's compliance status. The platform does this in various ways. Suppliers can easily share their documents before these expire. Also, thanks to connections with databases like GlobalGAP, less data has to be collected from suppliers. Certificates are simply automatically generated.

For more information:

Nico Broersen
+31 (0) 613 369 752

"Successful quality management through close cooperation in both directions"

In this age of fast goods procurement and year-round availability, efficient and accurate quality assurance is one of the main ingredients of market success. More and more import companies and suppliers of the food retailer are investing accordingly in their quality management department. So does the company Global Fruit Point GmbH, based in Buxtehude: At this time, the company has three employees who are working full-time on this issue, as department head Thies Claußen explains. In addition, there are six colleagues of the subsidiary in Rotterdam, plus various service providers.

Supplier quality management
Supplier quality management

Quality Manager Thies Claußen of Global Fruit Point GmbH

Sustainability in today's era
Sustainability is an important topic for Global Fruit Point. The long-term goal of the company is that future generations can also rely on delicious, healthy fruit. The constant quality of the goods should be ensured continuously. "The issue of quality assurance could, in my opinion, be divided into three pillars: certification (eg hygiene and G.A.P.), classical quality control and food safety - always against a political background. In order to cover every single area, we promise the cooperation with only certified producers / exporters, regular laboratory tests in recognized laboratories and an absolute traceability of the production route," explains Claußen.

According to Claußen, awareness is already everywhere within the (import) trade, because topics like sustainability and environmental protection are currently on everyone's lips. The corresponding requirements on the side of the food retailing are indeed achievable, but challenging, explains Claußen. "The question now is: how sustainable does the trade require things to be? Some LEH specifications have not been updated for some time. In the meantime, however, the analytical technology has evolved so that the laboratories can detect even the very smallest residues that they were unable to detect a few years ago. According to the specifications, however, every amount of residues found counts, no matter how high or low its concentration. It is also important to note that producers often have their backs against the wall due to the constant shortage of water resources."

Supplier quality management
Supplier quality management

The booth of Global Fruit Point at this year's Fruit Logistica

Closed cold chain & comprehensive controls
In this context, in addition to production, transport must be 100% reliable as well. After the harvest, the fruits are sorted, packed, transported by truck to the seaport (or, less frequently, to the airport) and shipped to Europe. During the whole process of cultivation, harvesting, transport and storage, constant checks are carried out. Still in the port, incoming shipments are quality-checked and the results are documented. Claußen: "These tasks are taken on by our subsidiary Global Fruit Point Services B.V. and other independent quality controllers on site, usually in the port of Rotterdam. Before shipment to our customers, a comprehensive exit check takes place."

Another factor in quality management is the cooperation with independent food laboratories. The corresponding laboratory partners are selected according to the following criteria: Top-level technical equipment, accreditation to ISO / IEC 17025 (worldwide standard for laboratory accreditation), and listing in control elements such as QS or Relana.

Mediation between producer and trade
The company is constantly expanding and new overseas products are regularly added to the product range. "However, we still see ourselves primarily as a link between producer and retail chain and attach great importance to a close, transparent cooperation in both directions." Here, the strict adherence to the quality criteria by the producers is respected. Claussen: "If there is no transparency with an overseas supplier, we are refraining from a further partnership. That's why every single supplier is inspected on site at least every two years."

For more information:
Global Fruit Point GmbH

Supplier quality management
Supplier quality management

Bahnhofstraße 45
D-21614 Buxtehude
Tel: +49 41617488831
Fax: +49 4161 / 74888-55

AU: Costa Exchange selects Muddy Boots Greenlight Quality Control

CostaExchange, part of the Costa Group, has selected Greenlight Quality Control from Muddy Boots to measure and manage quality performance across its diverse supply base, consisting of various fresh produce categories including avocados, bananas, mushrooms and tomatoes.

CostaExchange is one of Australia’s leading vertically integrated horticultural businesses and a major grower, packer, marketer, distributor and exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables. The business has an economic presence in more than 30 regional and rural communities across Australia, including farms, packing facilities and distribution centres.

In order to maintain its reputation as a supplier of quality fresh fruit and vegetables, the business identified a requirement to measure and manage its quality performance across multiple product categories and subsequently selected Greenlight Quality Control to improve visibility and pinpoint areas where improvements are needed.

Greenlight Quality Control ensures consistency in the measurement of product quality attributes.

The paperless mobile technology software captures and processes information at the point of input, enabling businesses to identify problem areas and collaborate with suppliers to deliver consistent improvements. With increased transparency and the wider sharing of data, businesses have a 360° view on site, supplier and product performance up and down the chain.

Brett Heather, Group Technical & Alliance Manager at CostaExchange, comments, "Quality excellence is a core pillar of the Costa business strategy, fundamental to this is the ability to measure and manage our quality performance across multiple product categories, across a diverse supply base. The deployment of the Muddy Boots Greenlight system into our business gives us the visibility (by trending performance over time) to highlight areas where improvements are needed, be that product temperature, size, weight, aesthetics and so on.

“With improved quality management, through the utilisation of Greenlight QC, Costas see significant benefits flowing, with improved efficiencies, reduced rejections, enhanced reputation and a stronger bottom line performance.”

Jason Considine, General Manager at Muddy Boots Software, discusses the new partnership with CostaExchange, saying, "We are delighted that CostaExchange has selected Muddy Boots to manage quality control across its Distribution Centres. Quality is a key element to their business strategy and the adoption of IT has underpinned the quality and consistency of their product offer, whilst also demonstrating a good return on their investment.

"We are now actively working with the Costa Group to implement Greenlight QC across other areas of the business."

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