Fresh produce traceability app by farmsoft:

Captures fresh produce traceability, manages recalls and audits, inventory, quality control and the entire packing and shipping process...

99% less fresh produce packing waste

Accurate fresh produce & food inventory management reduces waste through better FIFO stock rotation, stock-takes, and inventory alerts. RFID pallet control (optional) for precision inventory tracking. 

Save time packing fruit & vegetables

Increase the efficiency of fresh produce inventory using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry & errors, integrate with scales for automatic weighing, ore RFID for automatic fresh produce inventory tracking.

Better fresh produce quality control

Guarantee the quality of your fresh produce packing with flexible fresh QC testing systems from your phone or tablet. Customer feedback management, supplier quality control and more...

Reduce fresh produce packing errors & control production

Project required inventory (and shortages), schedule orders to be packed in batches , automatic alerts to prodution line managers.

Traceability for fresh produce:

The farmsoft inventory control app provides business wide quality management inspection systems for fresh produce, food manufacturing, seed processing, meat packing & processing, and flower packing.

Tesco food safety compliance food packers
Tesco food safety compliance for food manufacturers, packers, import, export, wholesale.  Tesco customers expect us to only sell products made to the highest quality and that are responsibly sourced. They trust us to ensure that all our products are safe and comply with all the applicable laws and regulations.

Within Tesco we have a number of highly skilled teams and colleagues across the globe that are dedicated to ensuring our customer expectations are not only met but exceeded. They manage the quality of products from the original product concept right through to our stores and customers.
Although this page is based on our UK business, a similar approach is taken across our international markets whilst ensuring all legal and cultural differences are acknowledged and catered for.  Through understanding customers and their needs, product and market trends our expert team of developers work hard to bring great quality, innovative and value for money products to the market; our dedicated team of food researchers and chefs constantly review food trends and bring new food ideas to life to meet those customer needs.
Fresh Produce Bar Code Scanning

Fresh produce bar code scanning in agriculture easily delivers improved traceability in the fruit boxing and fresh produce packing space.  The FarmSoft team has add new features to the FarmSoft packhouse mobile (smart phone, iphone, tablets, and PDA’s) interfaces and new interfaces for in line bar-code scanning to allow rapid recording of packed fruit and vegetable via bar-code systems. Implement FarmSoft to make your fresh produce fruit packing easier and more efficient. FarmSoft delivers bar code scanning for packing sheds, packhouses, and fruit packers, exporters, importers and wholesalers.

FarmSoft fresh produce bar code scanning allows users to choose from a mobile interface that allows smartphones and PDA devices to scan boxed and packed fresh produce to record pallet contents. Fresh produce inventory and stock management with bar code systems ensures traceability and accuracy. FarmSoft’s bar code software for pack sheds makes fresh produce inventory control easy.

Bar-code traceability

FarmSoft bar code traceability is rapid to implement, and easy to maintain. Implementing FarmSoft bar code traceability for fresh produce processing delivers increased accuracy of traceability, easy inventory management, and can result in reduced fresh produce waste.
FarmSoft bar code traceability provides multiple fruit labeling solutions which can be tailored to meet client inventory handling requirements.
Bar code traceability
FarmSoft bar code traceability provides a comprehensive fruit traceability system for packhouses, pack sheds, and fruit and vegetable processors. FarmSoft bar code traceability makes fresh produce inventory handling easy! Contact FarmSoft today to receive these benefits;
Reduce financial exposure and business risk in the event of a recall incident. Minimize the size and cost of a recall. Reduce costs of standards compliance. Minimize processing waste.
Increase food safety. Improve relationships with customers and their perception of quality and food safety in your product. Reduce administration costs. Makes quality audits easy.
Case level traceability

Case level traceability brings fresh produce processors, packers, and marketers easy and rapid traceability. Implement FarmSoft in no time at all, and start reducing processing waste!  Easy to deploy, farmsoft case level traceability is the best friend of any company looking to improve traceability in their food / fresh produce processing enterprise. Farmsoft delivers tangible improvements in food safety compliance and standards maintenance. Implementing farmsoft case level traceability for fresh produce processing delivers increased accuracy of traceability, easy inventory management, and can result in reduced fresh produce waste.

Farmsoft case level traceability provides dozens of formats of bar code and non bar code fruit labels to guarantee food safety.
Why implement case level traceability?
Case level traceability
Case level traceability
The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Leadership Council has announced that it has agreed the fresh produce industry needs to stay on course with PTI implementations based on the use of standardized product identification with Batch or Lot Numbers, encoded in GS1-128 bar-codes on case labels for improved traceability and precise recall preparedness.

Farm to fork traceability for reliable food safety and best handling practices for fresh produce – while reducing waste and increasing efficiency!  FarmSoft’s farm to fork traceability solution delivers bullet proof fresh produce traceability management in every way. FarmSoft’s farm to fork traceability solution channels staff through the correct farming and fresh produce handling processes ensuring maximum food safety and traceability is being maintained at all times.

Combine both FarmSoft Farm Software AND FarmSoft Fruit Packing Software to create a complete farm to fork traceability solution.
In addition to the traceability features of FarmSoft, the system also provides a comprehensive fresh produce business management suite that takes care of every section of your business including: quality control, invoice, dispatch, sales, contracts, staff labor, packing labor, packhouse reporting and more.
Farm to fork traceability
Farm to fork traceability
Traceability compliance and food safety is made easy with FarmSoft farm to fork traceability system, guiding staff through the required processes and standards to ensure consistent quality product that meets client specifications.
FarmSoft Fruit Packing Software, a critical module for a complete farm to fork traceability system, provides packing, processing, sales, and post harvest traceability.
FarmSoft farm to fork traceability system creates customer confidence in your fresh produce.
Enhanced customer confidence
When your customers know you have a state of the art farm to fork traceability system, their confidence and perceived value in your fresh produce is increased. This is an important part of any supplier to customer relationship.

Fresh Produce Traceability India – FarmSoft’s fresh produce management software brings new levels of traceability and efficiency to Indian farming and fresh produce packing, processing, and exporting.  FarmSoft guides users through the fresh produce handling procedures to ensure the safest, highest quality fruit and vegetables with minimum waste. From quality control, waste analysis, to fresh produce labeling – FarmSoft delivers for professional fruit and vegetable processors and packers. Download FarmSoft’s Fresh Produce Traceability India specifications here.

FarmSoft India
Professionally manage and monitor all post harvest processes including quality control, storage, inventory, sorting, grading, washing, packing, sales, invoice, and dispatch.
Fresh Produce Traceability India
Fresh Produce Traceability India
FarmSofts’ Fresh Produce Traceability India version is available India wide. This international grade traceability solution manages all fresh produce handling from the delivery of fresh produce the pack shed or factory, through all of the subsequent processes such as storage, washing, sorting, grading, packing, value adding, and sales and distribution. FarmSoft was originally developed for Australian, Canadian, and US markets, and has since been adapted to suit countries including Turkey, South Africa, Kenya, New Zealand, Egypt and others.

Defining your fresh produce traceability requirements

Fresh Produce Traceability is much more than applying a label to the packed fruit or vegetable. FarmSoft delivers strict fresh produce traceability guidelines for supply chain end to end food safety & transparency. Using the fresh produce blockchain from, farmsoft also offers fresh produce blockchain access at a very low cost.

Ensuring that the fresh produce traceability chain has no gaps in it is important to reduce the risk exposure of your business. If there is a breach in the traceability chain, then the whole traceability enforcement system has failed and becomes a pointless expense. FarmSoft ensures 100% accuracy of traceability throughout the entire life-cycle of fresh produce, from pre-planting, to post sales traceability guideline adherence. FarmSoft ensures your business is not unnecessarily exposed, while minimizing compliance costs.  Produce traceability makes it possible to track produce from its point of origin to a retail location where it is purchased by consumers.

Produce traceability is an important link in protecting public health since it allows health agencies to more quickly and accurately identify the source of contaminated fruit or vegetables believed to be the cause of an outbreak of foodborne illness, remove them from the marketplace, and communicate to the supply chain.

Since many fruits and vegetables are eaten raw, the produce industry‚ from farmer to retailer, works diligently to protect these foods from contamination. Despite their best efforts, foreign matter can occasionally contaminate produce in the field or orchard, in packing or processing, in transit or storage.

Because traceability systems can provide information on the source, location, movement and storage conditions of produce, they also allow growers, packers, processors and distributors to identify factors affecting quality and delivery.

FarmSoft Packhouse Management software provides a strong platform for accurate recording of fresh produce traceability records, via a variety of easy and logical methods. Risk exposure to the pack shed is greatly reduced by having resolution traceability guideline compliance, which in turn reduces financial exposure to the packhouse should a recall become necessary. Accurate fresh produce traceability reduces the quantity of fruit/vegetables in a recall, and therefore reduces the businesses financial exposure. High traceability helps to open new markets for fresh produce, and improves customer confidence in product quality.

Best practice standards for fresh produce traceability such as BRC, GlobalGAP, ISO, HACCP, CanGAP, EuroGAP, (and many more) are supported by FarmSoft, making compliance and audits easy and less expensive.

Fresh produce traceability for fruit & vegetables
fresh produce traceability for fruit & vegetables
The FarmSoft fresh produce traceability system constitutes thousands of processes & guidelines that are integrated throughout the entire system, guiding users to record correct fresh produce traceability details at the correct time.
FarmSoft Packhouse Management’s “Traceability” module isn’t a stand alone module. Traceability is built into the core of FarmSoft, in every process, action, and document. FarmSoft minimizes the data capture and entry costs associated with fresh produce traceability using various innovative techniques.

Download the FarmSoft Packhouse Software brochure or watch the fruit packing video.

Pack sheds and pack-houses are experiencing new levels of regulatory control in the pack shed and packhouse processes for fruit and vegetables. Contemporary industrialized fruit and vegetable packing has become increasingly regulated over the past decade. There are now literally hundreds of thousands of regulations world wide that relate to the Traceability and Food Safety of the production of fruit and vegetables for human consumption.  The ability of modern supply chains for fresh produce to provide traceability is becoming the norm. At present the systems need to provide relatively straightforward capability to trace back from the market to the source of supply, or trace forward by associating production information with the product. There are, however, significant opportunities to improve supply chain performance through better traceability as well. Two examples are introduced to highlight this potential, one that provides feedback to growers on measured quality and the other feedback to the market on predicted quality. These applications for information sharing require a detailed level of traceability. At this level of detail it is not possible to have an absolute confidence in individual fruit traceability due to mixing that occurs at certain points in the supply chain. The level of traceability is, however, adequate to facilitate improved information systems for enhanced supply chain performance.

Recalls, audits, mock audits
A fresh produce traceability system must allow easy, and rapid recalls of fresh produce, packaging materials, the following list is the minimum recall and instant audit ability that should be achieved (this data should be available to the user within 10 seconds or less to demonstrate it is unadulterated):

Fresh Produce Traceability
Fresh produce traceability is a business process that enables trading partners to follow products as they move from field through to retail store or food service operator. Each Traceability Partner must be able to identify the direct source (supplier) and direct recipient (customer) of product.The first priority of traceability is to protect the consumer through faster and more precise identification of implicated product. This is critical if the product must be withdrawn from the supply chain.This document serves as a best practice guide to implementing traceability in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable (Produce) Industry. The best practices recommended are based on global standards for supply chain management and product identification. These standards were developed by industry to optimize business practices across supply chains world-wide.

What is the scope of this fresh produce traceability guideline?
■ Applies to fresh fruit and vegetables for human consumption.

■ Traceability practices from grower to retail store or food service operator (i.e. external traceability).

■ Applies to all levels of product and shipping containers, including pallets, cases and consumer items.

This is a practical guide that is intended for those responsible for implementing traceability in their company’s operations and supply chain. The document provides a guide for fresh produce growers, packers, exporters/importers, and distributors as well as their customers and suppliers. Individual organisations may perform any combinations of these roles.

Traceability Definitions
■ Traceability is the ability to trace the history, application or location of that which is under consideration. [ISO 9001: 2000]

■ External Traceability is the business processes that occur between trading partners and the information/data exchanged to execute traceability.

■ Internal Traceability is the proprietary data and business processes a company uses within its own span of operations to execute traceability.1.4.2.

Traceability Standards are the common language of business and provide the framework required to support the traceability (business) process. This industry best practice implementation guideline is based on the GS1 Global Traceability Standard (GTS). Developed by industry, the standard defines the globally-accepted method for uniquely identifying:
■ Trading parties (your suppliers, your own company, your customers, 3rd party carriers)
■ Trading locations (can be any physical location such as a warehouse, packing line, storage facility, receiving dock or store) Traceability for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Implementation Guide Issue 2, May-2010 All contents copyright © GS1 Page 9 of 57
■ The products your company uses or creates
■ The logistics units your company receives or ships
■ Inbound and outbound shipments The GS1 Global Traceability Standard also defines the essential pieces of information that have to be collected, recorded and shared to ensure one step up, one step down traceability. The standard is applicable to companies of all size and geography.While the GS1 Global Traceability Standard may be implemented independently from any specific technology, best business practices require adoption of bar coding on cases and/or pallets.Businesses are further encouraged to adopt electronic messaging to exchange essential business information. These technologies will be explored in the sections that follow. GS1 is a not-for-profit standards organisation with member affiliates in every country. Together with local/national produce trade associations they are important resources that are able to help your company understand the most effective way to implement traceability with your trading partners. They can also help your company to connect with technology providers that serve the produce industry.Information on how to obtain a copy of the Global Traceability Standard appears in Appendix A1.4.3. Traceability Principles
■ A company must determine what needs to be traced. This is commonly referred to as the“traceable item.” A traceable item can be:□ a product or traded item (e.g. case/carton, consumer item)□ a Logistic Unit (e.g. bin, container)□ a shipment or movement of a product or trade item There must be agreement between trading partners on what the traceable item is. This ensures that both partners are tracking the same thing. Otherwise the chain will be broken. Each Trading Partner must define at least one level of traceable item for each shipment.
■ All traceable items must be uniquely identified and this information is shared between all affected supply chain partners.
■ At a minimum, the identification of products for the purpose of traceability requires:□ The assignment of a unique GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)□ The assignment of a batch / lot.
■ When a product is reconfigured and/or re-packed, the new product must be assigned a new unique product identification (i.e. GTIN). A linkage must be maintained between the new product and its original inputs.
■ When a Logistic Unit is reconfigured, the new Logistic Unit must be assigned a new unique identification (i.e. SSCC). A linkage must be maintained between the new Logistic Unit and its original input.
■ All supply chain parties must systematically link the physical flow of products with the flow of information about them. Traceable item identification numbers must be communicated on related business documents.

FarmSoft provides an easy to use fresh produce traceability software by integrating the worlds most common fresh produce traceability and food safety and traceability guidelines into the every day operations management.

Each Logistic Unit destined for a packing facility must be uniquely identified. Examples of logistics units include bins, totes, containers, trailers.To uniquely identify logistics units or to participate in electronic commerce, the best practice is to use the GS1 Serialized Shipping Container Code number (SSCC). This number is based on your GS1 Company Prefix number (supplied to you through your local GS1 Member Organisation), thus ensuring global uniqueness.Over time, your company will exhaust its pool of available GS1 SSCC numbers. It is important that you manage the re-use of SSCC numbers so as not to conflict with the logistics units already in the supply chain. An industry best practice is to restrict the use of SSCC numbers for a period of no less than one year.

To assist packers in assigning batch / lot at the pack house, growers should include on their Logistic Unit tag/label, in human-readable format, all relevant grower/harvest information. The information included should enable the creation of a meaningful batch / lot r and could include the harvest crew,field or plot of harvest, date of harvest, etc.

fresh produce traceability for fruit & vegetables
fresh produce traceability for fruit & vegetables
The best practice is to use the GS1 Global Location Number (GLN). GLN is a standard that can be used to uniquely identify your company and its premises. GLN’s can be allocated either by a GS1 Member Organisation or by your company using your GS1 Company Prefix.Additional information about GLN assignment.

Who are the trading parties? ABC Farms grows, harvests, and transports raw product to other companies (pack houses and/or cooperatives) which, in turn, receive, sort, grade and pack raw product received in bulk from ABC Farms into “finished product” configurations.What needs to be traced?ABC Farms is responsible for recording and maintaining information that will enable batch /lot assignment during the packing process. ABC Farms are also responsible for providing this information to its trading partners as product is delivered.How do they accomplish this?ABC Farms harvests their product and transports the raw product in bins or field boxes to their trading partners. As product is harvested, ABC records information related to each day's activity based on commodity, harvest date, field being harvested (i.e. Ranch/Plot, Unit/Block) and harvesting crew. A human-readable “field tag” is generally applied to the bin or field boxes as they are filled. The “field tag'' generally includes information as outlined above. To enable greater granularity during the batch /lot assignment, additional information could include specifics on the actual truck load of raw product being transported to their trading partner.ABC Farms is responsible for conveying the day’s activity/harvest information, (as stipulated in section 2.2) along with the number of units (bins or field boxes), to the trading partner that will be receiving the product. Although this information is contained on “field tags” affixed to each bin or field box, it should also be conveyed via a “receiving” or “trip” ticket containing all the information and that is given to the driver of the vehicle transporting the raw product to ABC’s trading partner.

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