Farm to fork traceability app:

Farm to fork traceability app for complete traceability from field to plate. Manage farm planning, farm tasks & farm traceability in all farming activities, recalls, audits, farm costs.

Farm to fork traceability app:

The Farmsoft farm to fork traceability app provides business wide quality management from farm planning, farm tasks & traceability, to complete fresh produce packing management, shipping, logistics & sales.  Instant recalls, audits, and traceability both up and down the supply chain.  Robust farm to fork traceability for reduced waste and better farm traceability.

Farm to fork traceability:

FarmSoft’s farm to fork traceability solution delivers bullet proof fresh produce traceability management in every way. FarmSoft’s farm to fork traceability solution channels staff through the correct farming and fresh produce handling processes ensuring maximum food safety and traceability is being maintained at all times.

Combine both FarmSoft Farm Software AND FarmSoft Fruit Packing Software to create a complete farm to fork traceability solution.
In addition to the traceability features of FarmSoft, the system also provides a comprehensive fresh produce business management suite that takes care of every section of your business including: quality control, invoice, dispatch, sales, contracts, staff labor, packing labor, packhouse reporting and more.

Farm to fork traceability

Traceability compliance and food safety is made easy with FarmSoft farm to fork traceability system, guiding staff through the required processes and standards to ensure consistent quality product that meets client specifications.

FarmSoft Fruit Packing Software, a critical module for a complete farm to fork traceability system, provides packing, processing, sales, and post harvest traceability.

FarmSoft farm to fork traceability system creates customer confidence in your fresh produce.
Enhanced customer confidence
When your customers know you have a state of the art farm to fork traceability system, their confidence and perceived value in your fresh produce is increased. This is an important part of any supplier to customer relationship.

Perform fresh produce recall up and down the supply chain
FarmSoft allows recalls based on invoice, purchase order, customer reference, delivery date, delivery docket, sales order, and more. No more recording redundant data on multiple logs or spreadsheet. Instant recall makes audits easy and fast and reduces quality and standard compliance costs. You can also record multiple levels of traceability data, for example, your suppliers supplier can be documented, along with batch and lot codes for their produce. This data can make comprehensive product recalls rapid and instant. Multi-level traceability is not support by many competitor fresh produce solutions.

What is cascading traceability?
Its a system whereby fresh produce is processed in a a batch, and may in turn be used in other batches, and those batches may in turn be used in additional batches and so on. This is a common practice when processing fresh produce where the harvest needs to be mixed together, is graded or sorted, then packed with other produce at a later time. This practice is also common in food processing and value adding processes, where an input to one batch may in turn be used in many other batches. FarmSoft handles this complex traceability challenge with ease and provides reliable and comprehensive cascading traceability management. Many competitor fresh produce solutions do not support cascading traceability.

Farm to fork traceability system
FarmSoft combines all fresh produce traceability processes into one business management solution, ensuring that the correct quality, compliance, and operational tasks are performed at the correct time. This guarantees higher quality compliance and lower waste and non conformity issues.

Fresh Produce Labeling
FarmSoft provides many options for fresh produce labeling including many international and customer standards such as HACCP, ISO, GlobalGAP, EuroGAP, CanGAP, AsiaGAP, Tesco’s, Aldi, Walmart, Loblaw, USDA, Woolworth’s, Coles, and more.
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Traceability in the food supply chain is crucial for ensuring the safety and quality of the food we consume. The concept of farm to fork traceability refers to the ability to track the journey of a food product from the farm where it was grown or raised, all the way through to the consumer who ultimately eats it. This is becoming increasingly important in today's world where consumers are demanding more transparency and accountability from the food industry. In this essay, we will explore the importance of farm to fork traceability, and how Farmsoft can help farms and fresh produce packers achieve full traceability.

The Importance of Farm to Fork Traceability

There are several reasons why farm to fork traceability is essential for the food industry. Here are some of the main ones:

1. Food Safety

Traceability is crucial for food safety. In the event of a food safety incident, traceability allows for the quick identification of the source of the problem, and enables the targeted recall of affected products. This reduces the risk of harm to consumers, and minimizes the impact on the food industry as a whole.

2. Quality Control

Traceability is also important for quality control. By tracking the journey of a food product from farm to fork, it is possible to identify any areas where quality may have been compromised. This information can be used to make improvements to the supply chain, and ensure that consumers receive the highest quality products possible.

3. Compliance

Traceability is increasingly becoming a legal requirement in many countries around the world. Regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act in the US, and the General Food Law in Europe, require food businesses to implement systems that enable traceability throughout the supply chain. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal penalties, and damage to the reputation of the business.

4. Consumer Demand

Finally, consumers are increasingly demanding more transparency and accountability from the food industry. They want to know where their food comes from, and how it was produced. By implementing traceability systems, food businesses can demonstrate their commitment to transparency, and build trust with consumers.

How Farmsoft Can Help Achieve Full Traceability

Farmsoft is a software platform designed specifically for farms and fresh produce packers. It offers a range of features that can help businesses achieve full traceability throughout the supply chain. Here are some of the ways that Farmsoft can help:

1. Batch and Lot Tracking

Farmsoft enables businesses to track their products by batch and lot numbers. This means that each individual product can be traced back to the exact farm or orchard where it was grown, and the specific date and time it was harvested. This information can be invaluable in the event of a food safety incident or quality control issue.

2. RFID Tagging

Farmsoft also supports the use of RFID tags for tracking products throughout the supply chain. RFID tags can be attached to each product, and scanned at various points along the supply chain. This provides real-time tracking information, and enables businesses to quickly identify any issues that may arise.

3. Quality Control

Farmsoft includes a range of quality control features, including the ability to record quality data at every stage of the supply chain. This data can be used to identify areas where quality may have been compromised, and make improvements to the supply chain to prevent future issues.

4. Compliance

Farmsoft is designed to help businesses comply with food safety and traceability regulations. It includes features such as batch and lot tracking, quality control, and recall management, all of which are essential for compliance.

5. Integration with Other Systems

Farmsoft can be integrated with a range of other systems, such as ERP and accounting software. This enables businesses to streamline their operations, and ensures that data is transferred accurately between different systems.


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