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Increase fresh produce quality control standards for fruit, vegetable, hop, flower packers and processors
Customer quality feedback for fresh produce, fruit, vegetable. Allow customers to enter quality feedback online, automatically track feedback to the supplier, use the quality dashboard to analyze performance of your suppliers and more.

Customer quality control feedback

Customer quality feedback management

Manage customer complaints, capture customer comments, photos, documents, and more.   Trace customer complaints back to the original supplier of fresh produce, or to the origin crop/field/patch.  

Analyze customer complaints, complaint resolution and corrective actions.  Instant recalls.  Instant alerts to all relevant staff when a customer complaint/feedback is received.

Customer quality feedback

Quality control

Configure any required QC tests for any test  target.  Instant alerts sent to  management if a test fails.  Attach  photos and documents to tests.  Capture  customer complaints & feedback, monitor supplier performance.

Instant quality!


§  Each test can be configured to send instant alerts to selected staff if a test fails.

§  Configure unlimited quality tests for customers, internal QC, and QMS

§  Attach unlimited photos, documents to QC tests

§  Tests can be associated with anything in the business from pallets, delivery, batch, inventory, employee, site,warehouse and more…

§  Test types include pass/fail, score,value range, percentage of sample.

Fresh produce quality control with instant alerts for quality managers & fresh produce buyers

Customers prefer high quality paper packaging

Grapes are often sold in plastic bags, the so-called carry bags. The wholesale trader Ralf Wisser knows what his customers want: “We noticed that customers prefer grapes in high quality paper packaging. And this packaging is a unique selling point for supermarkets too. This way you can distinguish your products from the competition.”

“Consumers first see the packaging”

The trader has an explanation for the customer’s preference. The consumers first see the packaging and then the product. The appearance of the product’s packaging is the eye-catcher. And according to Wisser paper has a great advantage compared to plastic. “Paper gives customers the feeling of originality and nature’s values. In our experience the customers find this the most attractive form of packaging."

Ralf Wisser
Ralf Wisser GmbH
Frischezentrum Frankfurt
Josef-Eicher-Straße 10, 60437 Frankfurt
Phone. +49 (0) 69 5000 42 19 - 0

Ackio’s new cherry line gives customers control over quality

Ackio—an automated fruit packer of blueberries, cherries, cranberries and cherry tomatoes—now offers a new cherry grader, which allows cherries to be selected by any number and combination of criteria, giving customers greater choice and precision in their final product requirements.

The new technology uses the white light spectrum and cameras, which take 50 frames per second of each cherry. This means that Ackio is able to detect more of the defects, especially in darker fruits. Being highly automated, the new cherry line also produces a higher yield at lower cost compared to manual quality control.

Both customers and growers can get a better return on larger cherries, which Ackio is able to grade out rather than classifying all the fruit as one size. Because the cameras are able to detect defects that might be difficult to spot with the human eye, customers can run later into the season when fruit is on the edge of quality.

All of Ackio’s operations and service capabilities are custom designed and configured to meet customer’s demands. The process cherries go through when they reach Ackio direct from the grower will vary depending on the type of intake and the customer’s final product specification. Ackio has several highly automated production lines that suit different types of fruit. This includes two grading lines for handling cherries. These are configured to grade cherries from 15mm to 40mm and will reject anything that falls out of this specification.

The first line will give the cherries an Aqualutions wash, a natural and

environmentally friendly way of cleaning and sanitising the fruit. It will then optically grade out the cherries based on quality and size. They’re then ready for the second line, which utilises Ackio’s new grader. This will optically—and exactly—grade out the cherries to the customer’s own criteria, based on any number of detailed specifications. From here, the final product is automatically weighed and packaged into the choice punnet and either flow wrapped or top sealed. All the products go through a secondary Checkweigher to ensure Ackio is maximising the customer’s yield.

The new cherry grader is part of Ackio’s continual programme of investment in new technologies. In 2011 for example, Ackio spotted an opportunity to pack South American blueberries from loose in bulk and sourced and configured a highly specialist packing machine that was the first of its kind in the UK, an investment of £1.5M. A further investment, in robotics, began earlier this year [2016].

Rachel Carson, Customer Services Manager of Ackio, says: “Ackio invests heavily in the latest technologies and our new cherry grader is the most sophisticated in Europe. By automatically selecting the quality of cherries by any number of criteria, it allows the customer more choice in what they require and, ultimately, delivers a better quality product for the consumer.”

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