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Hop processing software from farmsoft delivers new levels of traceability and efficiency to hop processors and hop milling.

Hop Processing / Hop Milling

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Hop processing software from farmsoft provides cutting edge software for the management of hop processing and hop milling and packing. Including hop quality control, staff, inventory, hope sales, dispatch, and hop storage. All of the powerful features of FarmSoft Packhouse Management can be used in the hop processing, milling and packing industry.

For exporters of hops, farmsoft hop processing software maintains exceptionally high standards of traceability for all hop processing, hop warehousing, and hop exporting processes.

FarmSoft manages the entire process of receiving hops from your own farm or from external suppliers, through the quality control, grading, sorting, drying, milling, packing, dispatch and sales process.

FarmSoft Hop Packhouse Manager provides a flexible solution for the modern hop processor and hop miller. FarmSoft Hop Packhouse Manager is extremely flexible and can cater for the subtle differences between each hop processor. The solution integrates with the FarmSoft Hop Farm Management ERP solutions, with interfaces for all smartphones and tablets such as Android and Apple devices. Download the FarmSoft Hop Packhouse Software brochure.

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Hop Processing & Milling Software: FarmSoft Hop Processing software delivers extensive business management for the contemporary hop processor and hop miller. Today’s modern hop miller is flooded with hop handling and food safety regulations from local regulations to export requirements. FarmSoft Hop Processing Manager helps make the regulatory headache go away, whilst assisting the hop packhouse to increase profitability and quality. Hop processing becomes more efficient and recording traceability and management records requires no effort with FarmSoft Hop Processing Manager. Remote access from smartphones keeps hop processors management and owners up to date with hop processing performance and allows mobile monitoring and hop processing control. Advanced features manage hop traceability, hop quality, hop flavor, hop aroma, and hop inventory.

Hop Milling & Hop Processing features

  • Manage all Hop Processing & Milling operations
  • Hop processing and milling management for hops provided by external farms and your own farms
  • Hop processing inventory management of all hops, in all states
  • Management of production process for both whole hop or hop pellets
  • Hop processing traceability
  • Hop Processing standards and compliance support (USDA, BRC, HACCP, GlobalGAP, ISO)
  • Capture USDA hop analysis results, USDA Brewing Value Certificate, Commodity Inspection Certificate including Leaf and Stem, etc…
  • Dispatch, orders, and sales order, sales, invoicing
  • Supports hop export regulations and processes
  • hop sorting, fruit grading, processing, milling
  • Woks with any hop drying and processing facilities design
  • Hop traceability for PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative), USDA, ISO, HACCP, and many other standards
  • Hop tracking and advanced traceability systems
  • Support for mobile devices

Hop Quality Control for flavor and aroma:

  • Configure unlimited quality control programs, including specific programs for specific hop, hop variety, customer, or finished product (pellet, whole, syrup)
  • Tests can be for almost anything, such as testing incoming hops, outgoing hops, pre pack, pre graded hops, factory cleanliness test, employee performance, task quality control etc. You can define the subject (thing) that you are testing
  • Each hop quality test can be a pass/fail, or range style test (ie: where results must be within the range of two numbers, or above or below a number)
  • Automatically force hops to be put on hold if selected tests fail
  • Manually put hops on hold for further inspection and corrective actions
  • On screen alerts for hops that have been put on hold
  • Set the number of tests to make the entire hop test program fail
  • Set individual tests to make an entire test program fail
  • Set the number of tests in a Category to make the entire hop test program fail
  • Each hop quality control program can be configured to have unlimited categories
  • Each hop quality control category can have unlimited tests
  • Each hop quality control program can record important details such as version, manager, and hop quality control documentation can be directly attached to the quality control program
  • Configure unlimited “classes” that can be assigned to hops
  • Configure unlimited “features” that can be assigned to hops. There can be four sets of features, for example color, grade, size, pack, etc.

Flexible configuration allows you to specify which hop quality tests require information such as:

  • Pallet number
  • Inventory number
  • Supplier
  • Transport Company
  • Employee
  • Task Number
  • Farm
  • Warehouse
  • Site
  • Storage Location
  • Equipment
  • Hop Variety

Download the FarmSoft Packhouse Software brochure or watch the fruit packing video.

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Hop processing software from farmsoft makes hop milling easy!

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