Tesco Woolworths Aldi Loblaw compliance software 


Farmsoft delivers opportunities to reduce waste during the packing, processing, storage, and distrubution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO (when practical), inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes - your company has every opportunity to minimize waste and maximise profit. From barcode managed inventory, inventory labeling, to 3D pallet storage, farmsoft delivers on reduced waste.


Perform recalls in seconds, with the full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured.   Pass audits with ease & reduce compliance costs using farmsofts traceability guidelines. Trace fresh produce up and down the supply chain, over multiple traceability hops.  Instantly produce spray records, residue analysis, soil analysis, and any other farm traceability records if you use our farm solution.

reduce administration costs

Minimize your administration costs with automatic paperwork generation. Ensure accuracy of paperwork by having necessary documentation (invoice formats, export documents, transport documents etc) presented to employees based on the needs of the specific customer - ensuring timeley and accurate documentation. No more rejected orders because of bad documentation accompanying a shipment.  Food traceability software made easy!


Guarantee consistent, accurate, and efficient quality control is performed at any part of the fresh produce handling life-cycle; including during delivery, pre processing, post processing, and dispatch. Create quality control tests based on each customers requirements, and even create a daily factory hygiene test, employee performance tests and more. Accurate quality control helps to improve customer confidence and quality perception.  Easily follow fresh produce quality control & fresh produce inventory guidelines. 

better production planning & dispatch

Monitor orders, assign orders to specific packhouses (you can have unlimited processing sites in farmsoft), and allow micro monitoring of each production lines output requirements using dashboards. The dashboards ensure the correct products are produced at the correct time to fill orders. Dispatch teams are given details on their mobile device (or PC/Mac) and scan pallets onto orders. Administration teams can see orders are picked and ready for dispatch, and are presented with the correct documents for printing. All of these features result in improved accuracy of both production and dispatch processes. 

optional farm software integration for farm to plate management solutions

Optionally use farmsoft Farm Management software with our Post Harvest solution. Using both solutions provides an end to end solution from field to plate. Farm Management by farmsoft delivers full farm record keeping, farm inventory, cost monitoring, budgeting, best practice enforcement, and adherence to international farming standards. Use Farm Management by farmsoft to manage your own farms, or even hundreds of external farms that supply your fresh produce company.

Tesco Woolworths Aldi Loblaw food safety compliance

Tesco Woolworths Aldi Loblaw food safety compliance

Join a global community of fresh produce processors, packers, and producers receiving better traceability and less waste.







simple compliance for Tesco, Woolworths, Aldi, & Loblaw.


Full bar-code inventory & pallet management, stock take (mobile & PC), pallet control, inventory labels (raw & finished), cold store, 3D storage, container management...


Manage & monitor orders, contracts, dispatch process. Managed dispatch process guides teams to dispatch correct goods with correct invoices & documentation...


Re-pack, sort, grade, wash, manufacture, and pack with maximum traceability .  Monitor cost & waste.  Recursive traceability over multiple batches for value adding...


Perform QC from phone / tablet / PC.  Configure internal tests, customer QC, QMS, Walmart, USDA, Loblaw, Tesco, Woolworths, Aldi, Coles, and other tests...


Make recalls super easy!  Perform instant recalls using any of these recall methods:  invoice number, inventory number, order number, pallet number, delivery date, customer name, storage location, pack date and more...

Tesco Woolworths COLES Aldi Loblaw compliance



You can use farmsoft over the cloud if you like.  No hardware, no administration, low implementation costs.  Fast implementation. 


For larger businesses, a locally installed solution can be provided to ensure maximum reliability in locations where the internet can be axed or unreliable.  

Tesco Woolworths Aldi Loblaw compliance


Your choice of D.I.Y. training tutorials, or managed training services from an experienced solution consultant (highly recommended).  On-site and remote training options available.  Dedicated support consultant, and central support services for all farmsoft clients.  Years of providing real world solutions has refined farmsofts deployment process to make it fast, and minimize disruption to the business.

your very own rocket, tailored 

Ok, we don't really build rockets.  But we can tailor farmsoft to match your exact businesses requirements.  No two businesses have the same goals and operating processes.  We understand this, and have a team of talented young rocket scientists  to deliver an outstanding solution with 100% fit.

Check out the intro video

Implement a simple traceability solution, or comprehensive enterprise management solution – the choice is yours….  

Watch a detailed demo video

Ok, this is really detailed, if you watch this - you will become a farmsoft expert!   Farmsoft is flexible, there are serveral ways to do everything - giving you the choice to choose the best processes for your business.  Easily comply with BRC, HACCP, ISO 9000, USDA, PTI and other international food safety & traceability standards for Walmart, Loblaw, Tesco, Aldi, ColesWoolworths, and more...  

Want more details?  Download the detailed product specifications here

Tesco Woolworths Aldi Loblaw compliance


about us

farmsoft is developed and supported by Tenacious Systems.  Since 2001, Tenacious Systems has been delivering business management solutions in over 14 countries.  farmsoft fresh produce business management solutions deliver increased quality, traceability, and help reduce post harvest waste and follow produce traceability initiative guidelines (PTI) 

our dedicated team pays special attention to customer requirements, ensuring we deliver superior solutions with manic attention to detail.  Farmsoft's food traceability software solution delivers easily trace backwards and forwards in the food supply chain and reduces time and costs associated with investigations, recalls and stock withdrawals. Produce and export real-time, quality reporting for stakeholders or to identify issues at any time.

With batch-lot traceability, see exactly where your product is at all times, especially when it matters most during a recall or investigation. Identify issues within your supply chain for rapid correctie action in collaboration with suppliers and customers.  

our head office is 576 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY. USA. 10036.  Download our corporate profile.  Our offices cover USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries through a network of solution partners.  Tenacious Systems website.

Tesco Woolworths Aldi Loblaw food safety compliance

Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS). This standard has been developed to outline the requirements to which manufacturers must comply in order to begin supplying, and thereafter continue supplying Tesco, either directly or indirectly. The standards support our commitment to ensuring all Tesco brand products are safe, meet legal requirements, and always meet customer expectations with respect to quality, provenance and responsible sourcing, building trust in the Tesco brand and supply chain.

This version builds upon Tesco’s UK approach of ensuring that standards can be applied in a way that manages risk and grows capability. It is intended to be interpreted by our suppliers across the world, in a way that allows individual sites to put controls in place that are appropriate to them and their industry, and proportional to the risks specific to their products, their processes and their site environment. Full application of the standards will support suppliers in driving improvement, a reduction in non-conforming products, and therefore help to reduce waste and cost.
The review was undertaken by a global working group led by the Tesco Group Quality Technical Policy and Standards team and included technical managers, auditors and suppliers from the entire Tesco business and supply chain, and has utilised feedback and commentary received from both the global working group and wider consultation with importers and exporters of fresh produce. 

Loblaw food is safe and quality controlled. Our standards (eg:  GAP)and processes for ensuring that the products we sell are safe, of high quality and meets all legal requirements are among the most rigorous in our industry. They apply to both Loblaw operations and to those of Loblaw vendors. Loblaw also collaborate extensively with our Canadian and global counterparts, jointly seeking to manage food safety risk for consumers. Loblaw is an early supports fresh produce vendors to achieve certification. One of the major challenges is that many Canadian vendors are supplied by multiple growers, and certification requires that all of these growers be certified as well. Loblaw's focus is to work with our control brand produce growers to ensure they are 100% compliant with GFSI certification standards.
Woolworths Australia runs an independently audited quality assurance standard for manufactured food and fresh produce (WQA).  If you are supplying Produce to Woolworths, you will need to ensure all product complies with the quality, safety and regulatory criteria defined in the Woolworths Produce Specifications.

To find out more about your specific fruit or vegetable, simply select the category that relates to you from the menu below. Also ensure you check out the General Requirements: Produce Woolworths documents which relate to pulp temperature, defect guidelines and more.

Coles Australia developed their Supplier Certification programme to ensure all suppliers of food products and fresh produce fruit and vegetables meet expected standards of food quality and safety for retail sale to their customers and consumers. Suppliers are required to undergo third-party auditing and certification to meet both the CFMSR and the BRC or SQF Standards. In some instances the CFMSR will make reference to an external document that is also applicable and details Coles ‘additional labelling  requirements on this subject. Compliance to the requirements is in addition to the duty held by the supplier to produce safe and uncontaminated food. A Certificate of Recognition validated against the requirements of the CFMSR is part of the Coles’ Approved Supplier Program, and is unique to Coles.
Aldi leads backing of UK farmer friendly fruit and veg pledge for sustainable UK farming.  Aldi significantly increased its range of organic fruit and vegetables in both the UK and Ireland. Any product sold as 'organic' must comply with strict National, European and international standards to assure consumers they are buying genuinely organic products that can be fully traceable back to the farm.

Aldi organic standards cover all aspects of Aldi organic food certification including product and packaging, animal welfare, wildlife conservation and ban unnecessary and harmful food additives in organic processed foods.

Aldi organic packing standards not only meet national government's minimum requirements but exceed them. Aldi offers a range of organic products for customers who support organic methods of farming. In 2015, the UK had 39 Organic products and Ireland 32. Read more about Aldi food safety standards. 

Tesco Woolworths Aldi Loblaw compliance

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