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Fruit traceability software

Keeping track of fruit traceability is a difficult task in the contemporary farm. Today, farms are larger, have more production volume and require larger teams of employees despite advances in farming traceability technology, keeping track of fruit traceability using Fruit Traceability Software is essential. Tracking fruit traceability via software can improve record keeping for traceability and reduce potential financial risk exposure to the business if there is a recall of an inventory input used in the farming process.

Using fruit traceability software, farmers are able to track all inputs used during the farming process, thus allowing easy traceability to the suppliers of inputted materials. Fruit traceability software allows farmers to trace the origin of inventory used during the farming process allowing a rapid recall of any effected fresh produce. Combining a fruit traceability software solution with a fruit packing solution will allow traceability to specific cases and pallets, therefore reducing the risk to the farm or packing facility, and ensuring the most accurate product recall. farm Software provides a strong platform for accurate recording of traceability information, via a variety of easy and logical methods. Risk exposure to the farm is greatly reduced by having highly granular traceability, which in turn reduces financial exposure to the farm should a recall become necessary. Accurate traceability reduces the quantity of fruit/vegetables in a recall,and therefore reduces the farms financial exposure.

Best practice standards for farming such as BRC, GlobalGAP, ISO, Bio-Terrorism (and many more) are supported by the system, making audits less expensive, and compliance costs lower.

The traceability systems constitute thousands of processes that are integrated throughout the entire fruit traceability system, forcing users to record correct traceability details at the correct time. Using a fruit traceability software solution minimizes the data capture and entry costs associated with traceability using various innovative techniques.

Fruit traceability software...

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