Onion packing app: 

Onion packing app: Improve onion packing efficiency and reduce onion packing waste today! Onion packing & processing for easy onion inventory control, onion traceability, onion shipping, and onion sales. Onion storage short/long term.

Onion packing app: 

Onion packing app: Improve onion packing efficiency and reduce onion packing waste today! Onion packing & processing for easy onion inventory control, onion traceability, onion shipping, and onion sales. Onion storage short/long term.

Onion packing app
Onion Packing App for accurate order filling & production
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Guarantee consistent, accurate, and efficient onion quality control is performed at any part of the fresh produce handling life-cycle; including during delivery, pre processing, post processing, and dispatch. Create quality control tests based on each customers requirements, and even create a daily factory hygiene test, employee performance tests and more. Accurate quality control helps to improve customer confidence and quality perception. Easily follow fresh produce quality control & fresh produce inventory guidelines.

Monitor orders, assign orders to specific pack-houses (you can have unlimited processing sites in farmsoft), and allow micro monitoring of each production lines output requirements using dashboards. The dashboards ensure the correct products are produced at the correct time to fill orders. Dispatch teams are given details on their mobile device (or PC/Mac) and scan pallets onto orders. Administration teams can see orders are picked and ready for dispatch, and are presented with the correct documents for printing. All of these features result in improved accuracy of both production and dispatch processes.

Onion packing app
Onion packing app manages food safety

Optionally use  Farm Management software with our Post Harvest Onion Packing solution. Using both solutions provides an end to end solution from field to plate. Farm Management by farmsoft delivers full farm record keeping, farm inventory, cost monitoring, budgeting, best practice enforcement, and adherence to international farming standards. Use Farm Management by farmsoft to manage your own farms, or even hundreds of external farms that supply your fresh produce company.

Onion packing & processing, food service business management software for improved food safety & reduced waste. Onion packing & processing storage and sales quality by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in the onion packing space.

Walla Walla sweet onions double production and reduces cost
Located in Walla Walla, WA, Walla Walla River Packing is the premier supplier of Walla Walla sweet onions. In 2018, they decided to upgrade their onion packing line by incorporating a six- lane, twelve-exit Elisam grader into their operation. The goal of the new line, which went live in June 2019, was to increase production capacity, improve product handling capabilities, decrease labor costs and enhance the quality of their packed product.

Onion packing app
Onion Packing App for reduced food & fresh produce waste

Oregon, Washington and Idaho onion producers on Ellips/Elisam:
“Delivering value to the onion industry through increased production, cost reductions and improved product quality”
While everyone is going through unprecedented times and situations, Elisam (powered by Ellips onion grading and sorting technology) continues to expand its customer base by delivering proven value to the North American onion industry.

Walla Walla River Packing, Madison-Cox and Obendorf Farms all installed Elisam onion graders for the 2019/2020 season with the ultimate goal of being able to better serve their customers. With their packing seasons now complete, they are able to look back and assess how their investments helped improve their operational performance. As might be expected, each situation is slightly different, despite this, however, they all achieved significant benefits such as increased production, cost reductions and improved quality. This helped these companies pack their onions to their fullest potential. Ellips grading and sorting technology is now being utilized by 13 onion packers in the Pacific Northwest and over 25 across North America.

Spanish onion packer buys weighing and packing machines
Annually, in the Southern Spanish city of Valencia, Navarro Darder SL packages about 25 000 tonnes of onions. In order to supply their clients in a better and quicker manner, this company has, in recent years, invested heavily in fast, reliable Manter weighing and packing machines. "We are currently working with the MD14 XL. In combination with the latest MBP HS and SAB HS machines, we can quickly change to the required packaging. We now no longer ask our clients when they want to collect; we now ask how many trucks they want to be loaded?" says Commercial Director, José Vte. Darder, laughingly.

Both Cesar Navarro and José Vte. Darder. are convinced that, "by investing in these modern machines we can realise our future growth in a sustainable manner."

Onion packing app
Onion   packing app manages supplier food quality and traceability

Cesar Navarro and José Vte. Darder both see client satisfaction as the most important goal in their daily activities. To ensure this, this business offers a wide range of packaging options for yellow, red, white and sweet onions. Making up 99% of their turnover, onions are by far their most important crop. In early spring, this company also supplies exclusive, regional new potatoes to clients in Spain, as well as abroad. Of the total turnover, 25% remains in Spain. The remaining 75% goes to central markets in the Netherlands, Germany, Northern and Southern Europe and even South America. "Our clients demand a wide product assortment, from small packaging to 5 - 25kg boxes and net bags. It is, therefore, important to us that we can quickly change from one type of packaging to another with our machines", says Navarro. "We deliver a good quality, fast service which is why we can also ask a good price for our products", adds Darder.

There is currently a great demand for onions. Africa is the front runner with shipments this week to Mauritania, Ivory Coast and Senegal. The prices for field crops have risen to 13 cents for direct sales and 14/15 cents for forward sales. According to André van Damme of Dacomex, this is caused by farmers keeping their doors shut and stocks of commercial companies starting to dwindle. The exporter finds it difficult to make any speculations about the onion market when it comes to the long term. "It's certainly not a done deal. I have confidence in the short term, but after that it's a mystery."

"Exports to Africa will soon dissipate and the question is whether it will be taken over by other customers. Africa is now responsible for half of the exports with about 11.000/12.000 tonnes. The question is whether we can maintain those exports. You need demand from a country like Russia for that, but currently there are few signs of that happening. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia have reasonable demand as well, but those exports will soon be taken over by New Zealand."

There is no uniformity yet in the pricing of containers, according to André. The prices have increased by 750 Euro with some shipping agencies. For a container of 30 tonnes, you are talking about an additional cost of 2.5 cents per kilo. In addition, the quality of the onions is poor, according to the exporter. "There are few batches that have nothing wrong with them. A batch with 10% tare is one of the better batches. Imagine if Russia were to enter the market in the near future and they are supplied on credit with lesser quality; the question is how that will turn out."

"It's ridiculous that the margins for sorting and packing stations are so narrow with the great export that we have. We are dealing with poor quality onions, but with the current sorting capacity, we can still easily sort 25,000 to 30,000 tonnes. I have my doubts about how things will go in the future when it comes to double sorting capacity. However, we will find that out in the time to come." concludes André.

The onion harvest and packing processes take a lot of work! As you saw in the previous blog on onion harvesting, onions can either be harvested by hand or by machines. Once the onions are harvested, they are transported to the packinghouse. The onion packing process shown below is demonstrated with red onions. However, keep in mind that this is the same process as with yellow and white onions. Using farmsoft, you can maintain onion traceability with little to no effort, and perform full onion quality control and onion quality inspections.

Onion Packing
To see a complete overview of the onion packing process, check out the video below.