Broccoli packing app:

Broccoli packing app for rapid packing of broccoli and other fruit & vegetables. Broccoli traceability, quality, inventory, sales & shipping.

Broccoli packing app:

Broccoli packing app for rapid packing of broccoli and other fruit & vegetables. Broccoli traceability, quality, inventory, sales & shipping.
Broccoli packing app
Broccoli Packing App for accurate order filling & production
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Broccoli packing & processing inventory control sales traceability
Broccoli packing & processing, inventory QC traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in broccoli packing businesses.
Farmsoft delivers reduced waste in the broccoli packing traceability & quality control, processing, storage, distribution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO, inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes to minimize waste and maximize packing profit. Use bar-code managed inventory, labeling, 3D pallet storage, to help reduce waste.

Conduct recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured. Pass audits with ease & reduce compliance costs using farmsoft's traceability guidelines. Trace fresh produce up and down the supply chain, over multiple traceability hops. Instantly produce farm records and any other farm traceability records if you optionally use our farm solution.

Broccoli packing app
Broccoli packing app manages food safety

Broccoli moves from ice age to fresh packaging
StePac L.A. Ltd.’s modified atmosphere/modified humidity packaging technology (MA/MH) is integrating sustainability into the long-haul transport of fresh broccoli and other vegetables traditionally shipped in ice. The technology effectively eliminates the need for ice and non-recyclable wax cartons while enhancing food safety.

There are multiple benefits of Xtend Iceless MA/MH bulk packaging for maintaining the freshness of broccoli in transit. Most notable is its positive environmental impact through driving substantial reductions in carbon emissions and food waste — two of the greatest ecological challenges facing the fresh produce industry. An added advantage is that of considerable cost savings in packaging (up to 40%) and transport expenses.

Broccoli packing app
Broccoli Packing App for reduced food & fresh produce waste

In certain countries, such as the US, broccoli and other produce items are typically packed in waxed cartons filled with ice to keep the produce cool and maintain freshness during storage and shipment. However, when the ice melts onto the produce it creates a mess and encourages growth of both plant and human pathogens. Waxed cartons also are non-recyclable. This generates untenable disposal problems for supermarkets, many of which are seeking greener alternatives in the wake of new laws imposed to tackle this problem.

One of the biggest challenges the company faced when developing the product was how to integrate modified atmosphere packaging into a field-packed process. Much of the broccoli in the US is field-packed in cartons, palletized, and then ice is added upon arrival at the packing house. Field-packing represents an obstacle for implementation of MA/MH technology.

“We developed a solution that enables the broccoli to be field-packed in Xtend packaging and then forced air and/or vacuum cooled in the sealed packaging. This seamlessly integrates the packaging into the existing packing process,” explained Gary Ward, Ph.D., Business Development Manager for StePac, noting that the system is patented in the U.S. and Mexico. 

Broccoli packing app
Broccoli packing app manages supplier food quality and traceability

"Taking into account the results obtained by many producers last season due to the erratic behavior of both the demand and the production, as well as the very aggressive returns and the fact that an increase in production costs was already in sight, we believe there will be less free planting. In general, this type of productions already yielded catastrophic results and distorted the supply and prices of companies working with programs at certain times. Unfortunately, cost increases have been confirmed and reinforced over the months and the outlook for the beginning of the season is anything but rosy."

The significant cost escalation affects each and every one of the companies' production processes, including "the inputs for cultivation, energy, land rental prices, water, or the materials we use to pack our products. This, combined with the current conditions, is making the activity of the companies totally unfeasible and many of them are doomed to fail if we are not able to find solutions. Let's bear in mind that before the start of the campaign, we are already estimating an increase in costs of around 25%, with the aggravating factor that the rising trend of inputs continues with every week the passes," says Juan Manuel Ruiz.

"Both producers and customers must adapt to this new scenario, which is undoubtedly affecting the economy worldwide and all sectors. I sincerely believe that dialogue and sanity must prevail in order to jointly face these spectacular increases, given that producers lack both the resources and the capacity to face them on their own," he says.